The Domingo-Domenech Laboratory is part of the Medical Oncology and Cancer Biology Departments in the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center  (SKCC) at Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia). The main focus of our group is to assess the molecular and cellular pathogenesis of cancer, primarily in prostate and bladder tumors. We use in vitro and in vivo mouse experimental models together with patient datasets to functionally dissect the genes and pathways involved in the initiation, therapy response and aggressiveness of cancer (Cancer Cell 2015;  Nature Reviews Urology 2017).

In addition, we are investigating the cellular heterogeneity of tumors to identify the molecular pathways that allow a subset of cancer stem cells survive standard therapies (Cancer Cell 2012Oncogene 2014). The research program comprehensively integrates experimental data using computational tools to develop novel anti-tumor therapeutic approaches and determine new molecular surrogates of clinical outcome.

About Us

Dr. Josep Domingo-Domenech MD, PhD is an Associate Professor  of Medical Oncology and Cancer Biology at SKCC. He is a Medical Oncologist that obtained his MD (1998) and PhD (2007) in Experimental Oncology from the University of Barcelona. During his postdoctoral training at Columbia University (New York) he developed novel experimental models of aggressiveness in urologic tumors and described important signaling pathways responsible for therapy resistance and tumor progression of prostate cancer. He joined Thomas Jefferson to lead a research program focused in deciphering the signaling networks promoting prostate and bladder cancer aggressiveness with the ultimate goal of finding new anti-cancer targets and establish new therapeutic strategies to improve cancer patient’s survival. 

About Us

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