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Our group is dissecting the cellular and molecular mechanisms that drive cancer cell aggressiveness, specifically how certain pathways control tumor initiation, metastasis and progression to standard therapies using very innovative in vitro (Cell line, Organoid) and in vivo (Patient Derived Xenografts) prostate cancer and bladder model systems. In addition the group is studying aggressive tumors heterogeneity characterizing subpopulations containing tumor initiating cells (Cancer Stem Cells) with an undifferentiated developmental signature.

Through these initiatives Dr. Domingo-Domenech's team is identifying novel therapeutic opportunities to treat GU malignancies.

The Lab Research Program includes several exciting projects:

  1. Dissect the role of GATA2 signaling network in lethal prostate cancer.

  2. Investigating the role of MITF translational reprograming in advanced prostate cancer.

  3. Molecular characterization of Cancer Stem Cells in prostate cancer and other tumor types.

  4. Development and study of circulating tumor cell-patient derived xenograft (CTC-PDX) and -organoid (CTC-Org) platforms in prostate and bladder cancer, among other tumor types.

  5. Discover novel targetable pathways of bladder cancer progression to cisplatin based chemotherapy.

  6. Characterization of prostate and bladder cancer exosomes.

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